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The online grocery sector is considered to have great economic potential, but the expected growth, especially in Germany, has not materialized. Recent research has shown that there is a gap between what customers need and what current online grocery business models provide. To investigate how online grocery business models can successfully deliver value to their customers, this paper examines the structure of current business models using the business model patterns approach. I systematically analyze 40 currently operating online grocery business models in the German market and extract 60 business model patterns. As the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak appeared during the period of this research, I derive 19 additional crisis-driven business model patterns. To structure the data, I develop a taxonomy of online grocery business model patterns and a morphological box scheme. This makes it possible for practitioners to find the pertinent patterns to systematically innovate with their business models. Finally, in light of the unfulfilled requirements explored in recent research, my study details the business model dimensions that need to be adjusted for businesses to reach long and short-term success.

Published Dissertation