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Today, I graduated with a Masters degree in Data Science. Excited to experience all what the professional world has to offer from this point forward.




Intro to Programming in Python

As an advocate of open source and e-learning, I dedicated my efforts this week in drafting a beginner’s tutorial for programming in Python. This tutorial is ...

Beginner's view into Android Development

Android OS powers millions of apps on a range of smartphone devices. These apps are able to perform a number of actions including setting up your daily alarm...

Why Germany?

Here I try to cover, as I intricately as I can, my reasons and knowledge of facts which led me to choose Germany for graduate studies:



Today, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering. Mixed feelings. Excited to experience all what the professional world has to offer from t...


Driving Assistance App

I built an application which detects traffic signals and lane markings on video capture.

Book Review - Code Complete

Code Complete 2nd Edition by Steve McConnell is a comprehensive piece of literature in the field of software development and construction. It explains ideas ...

Asia-Pacific as a Changing Landscape

The phenomenon of globalization fits well with the Asia-Pacific region. Countries in this region possess a diversity of traits including vast developing oppo...


Hello World!

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for a very long time, and finally here it is. Currently, I am committing myself on doing one blog post per month though...