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As an advocate of open source and e-learning, I dedicated my efforts this week in drafting a beginner’s tutorial for programming in Python. This tutorial is targeted towards anyone looking to learn programming and Python from scratch. I strongly believe in learning with practice and thus have included several scripts and programs to individually explain basic and intermediate concepts. Moreover, I have included a total of 8 PowerPoint Presentations which cover all basic programming concepts, so do refer to them when starting out.

The reason why I chose Python is because it is an easy-to-learn general purpose language, with widespread applications in scientific computing, web development and artificial intelligence.

Initially, I had to experiment with a few platforms for communicating the contents of this tutorial. However, I found Github to be the most optimal resource. It’s pretty simple to use and highly recommended for budding programmers and tech enthusiasts.

Visit this link and star the repository if you had fun learning Python!